Why Companies Choose DR Solutions


We understand the perceived convenience of calling a carrier directly. However, working with a technology distributor like DR Solutions with more than 50 years of industry experience, changes the perception of convenience into reality.

DR Solutions operates on the fundamental principle of putting our customers' needs first. Our no fee consultative approach allows us to work both with carriers or without to maximize value added benefits to our clients. A Customer can feel confident working with a DR Solutions  technology consultant as we make choosing a provider an easy and seamless process.

Relationships That Last

Single Point Of Contact, Value-Added and No Additional Fee

Working direct with the carrier, often times results in a bundled package or solution that may not fully solve the business problem.

DR Solutions works as a technology consultant to source the right provider with a breadth of capabilities to grow with the customer and adapt to future-state needs. Working hand-in-hand with our selling partner, we are able to recommend new and emerging services based on customer business objectives.

DR Solutions Experience

The average carrier direct sales person has a life span of about 8 to 18 months and a churn rate of 60%. Meaning, a customer can expect at least 2 different account teams before a 36-month contract comes to an end.

DR Solutions' Management Team have an average tenure of more than 25 years, offering technology consultant stability, troubleshooting and opportunity to evolve contracts on customer needs.

Unbiased Recommendations

Direct representatives only sell services the carrier offers. In an industry where the list of telecom and technology offerings changes frequently, the agreements don't allow for flexibility and adaptation of services per customer's business challenges.

With 80 vetted providers and experts on each carrier, technology consultants can package or recommend solutions that are ideally suited to meet their customers' goals. DR Solutions' 50+ years of experience negotiating and provisioning all types of business solutions allows for greater insight and knowledge into each solution, what's best-in-class and really works upon install.