Case Studies

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zero downtime, improved customer experience and 90% retention rate

A 100+ agent Contact center travel service company was having service reliability issues related to Network and Power outages. The DR Solution’s team developed a Hosted Contact center migration strategy. The solution included the best of breed contact center feature functionality while delivering detail reporting on all critical metrics of their call traffic and agent activities. While staying focused on the customer's critical contact center needs, we also looked at the office location and it's access abilities to alternative network providers. Once we provided all the network access options combined with the Hosted Contact centers reduncies, we were able to deliver a the best and most reliable solution. Additionally, the solution resolved the 100% of the outage issue, improved customer experience and improved their client retention rate to 90%.

Travel Service Company Solution: SDWAN - FIBER DIA, cable broadband backup & Hosted Contact Center

no downtime during conversion, removed network outages and 30% savings on overall network and voice systems cost.

A regional C-store company with 48+ locations was moving their headquarters and needed a new phone system as well as understand the network options available to support the new POS/CRM systems they are implementing. They have a small IT staff and the CEO was covered up focusing on the move and all the new systems being implemented. DR Solutions took the workload off the business and found 3 top Hosted providers and 3 network options for the business to consider. DR Solutions presented each providers’ strengths and how they would benefit the business and let the business owner decide. The decision was made, and the CEO was able to get the new hosted platform and network solution installed weeks before the move while he focused on the business. DR Solutions managed the new solution’s implementation.

C-Store Solution: Fiber DIA & Broadband backup with hosted VOIP

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reduction of overall cost by 40% and 100% fire code compliant for all sites

This property management company has 50 locations and provides living facilities in several states across the southeast. Their industry is competitive and highly regulated. Several of the properties current phone service terms were expiring soon, so they contacted DR Solutions. We visited several sites and found out the sites had old legacy premise key systems or where using a cable company for their phone lines. Additionally, they paying premium. Furthermore, do to the cable provider’s design for their phones lines, they were out of compliance with the fire marshal on their fire alarms. We worked with the local fire marshals to make sure the national standard requirement was the same they used for compliance. Once confirmed, we implemented a wireless radio system that removed the need for dual connections and reduced the cost. The project started with updating a simple premise-based phone system to delivering a new Hosted IP Phone system and making them compliant for their next fire audit.

Property Management Solution: Broadband, hosted voip and wireless radio for fire alarm safety systems

Reduced over-all cost by 70%

Large nationwide retail organization with over 1500 locations had implemented cloud service with the largest Cloud provider on the planet! Their cost continue to increase month over month. They contacted DR Solutions and we investigated the cloud services being used. This is a very common issue with companies moving to the cloud without experience of the unknown gotchas. Since we have seen this as a common unknown issue from clients looking to go to the cloud as well as issues from clients already deploying applications, we knew exactly what needed to be done. Because cloud-based services are usage based, the costs will increase, and decrease based on the design of how the data is store and accessed in the cloud. Our industry leader partner, service offerings and resources  were the answer to fix the bleeding. We engaged our leading technology partner who has the most experience with these cases. After several discussions, we identified the issue right away and implemented our solution to correct the issue. The results delivered a 70% overall savings!

Retail Organization Solution: Largest Cloud-CoLo storage Company Globally


75% increase on meeting the store opening dates

One of the industry’s largest cellular service retailers had a new store project to build 100+ new locations. The problem was getting network connectivity installed timely for store openings. The Broadband/cable install process of new service in is well known for having multiple obstacles to maneuver through and then there's potential for large build costs. These all add to the time of cost to deliver services.  DR Solutions took on the project on and worked with the client to develop a plan that would identify potential issue sites communicated that to leadership early and often then leverage the best in breed back office quoting, ordering and Project management team in the business. Our dedicated back office resources managed the entire process. We used internal and partner intelligent tools to help identify problematic sites due to distance to nearest network as well as streamlining the agreement and order processes. With the team approach and the industry leading tools of our back office, we were able to drastically improve the install vs. opening dates.

Cellular Service Retailer Solution: new construction project managment, broadband and voice lines